Camp Chetek Summer Update 2

Starting on June 12 and going through June 15, I had the privilege of preaching Junior Missions week at Camp Chetek. Junior Missions Week is a very different and demanding week because it is a time in which we minister to inter-city junior age children from Minneapolis, Minnesota. These 8-12 year olds come from all manner of backgrounds. About a week and a half before Jr. Missions Week, our summer staff travels to Minneapolis and goes through the inter city looking for opportunities to invite children to come to a free week of camp as well as share the gospel with children, teenagers, and adults. As our staff walks through gang ravaged, drug infested, poverty stricken areas of the city, they receive a wake up call to the depraved condition of mankind and their desperate need of Christ.

This summer we had 161 inter-city children come to camp. It was tough and trying, but God worked and there were many professions of salvation. The exciting part was to see many of those children begin to evidence the reality of their salvation throughout the rest of the week. God is still in the soul saving business and we rejoice in His saving power!

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