Camp Chetek Update 3

During the week of Jr. Missions camp, I received our first group of T.E.A.M. members. The T.E.A.M. program at Camp Chetek is a servant leadership program. We have a T.E.A.M. 1 and T.E.A.M. 2 Session plus two bonus weeks at the end of the summer. Each session lasts three weeks. The first week consists of many teaching and preaching sessions. Brother Matt Williams who is on the staff of Tri-City Baptist Church in Missouri has been helping us for many years with our program. Matt comes the first week and teaches 13 session to our T.E.A.M. members. This year his theme is “The Leader and his fight-for right”. God greatly used this theme in many of our Session 1 members lives. As the T.E.A.M. director for the fourth summer in a row, I have the privilege to head up our devotional times in the morning, as well as devotional sharing times, and several preaching sessions. I also have a theme for our members for the three weeks that they are with us and most of my preaching and teaching is focused around that theme. This year the theme is “True Success is Faithfulness!”  My desire is to show our members from the scriptures that success is based on faithfulness to God and His Word. I have preached on different aspects such as Loving God, Laboring in love, Pursuing holiness, Living a life of faith, as well as other topics. It is always a joy to see God use His ‘Word to work in these young people’s lives and there were many evidences of His work in the lives of our members during Session 1.

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