Camp Chetek Update 4

As of this past Monday, July 1, we started our T.E.A.M. 2 session with a whole new group of teenagers. There is much work that needs to be accomplished in the lives of those who are with us and we are excited about the potential for God to do great things in these teens lives.

In my previous update, I failed to mention what happens during the second and third weeks of T.E.A.M.. We still continue to have regular devotional and preaching sessions geared specifically for our members, but they begin to put their servant-leadership program into practice by serving around the camp a multitude of ways. They serve meals; clean up the dining hall, chapel, bath houses, office and lodge; blow off the basketball courts and sidewalks; help with maintenance; and many other jobs around the camp. They also get the opportunity to be a Junior counselor. Though they don’t actually counsel, our teen members are each assigned to a particular junior cabin and counselor. They get to spend a whole afternoon with the cabin doing all sorts of different activities around camp. They also sit with the cabins each night in chapel and then hang out with the campers after the evening service till the end of cabin devotions. Many of our T.E.A.M. members receive the opportunity to share their salvation testimonies or Christian life testimonies to their assigned cabin during evening devos. When you combine the preaching/teaching, serving, and junior counseling it makes for quite an educational experience regarding servant-leadership. Many of our members finish a session greatly challenged and changed in their personal lives. It is a joy to see some of them come back to camp and work as program or counselor staff.

Please pray that this T.E.A.M. 2 session will be blessed of God and will deeply impact the youth who are with us in this program.

On a different and brief note, please pray for next week, July 8-13. That is our Junior 3 week and I will be the keynote speaker. I look forward to updating how God will have used that week to impact souls for eternity!

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